Friday, June 17, 2011

IQ Puzzle #6 - Explanation

So a lot of you seemed to be really confused by my latest puzzle. I think it was because I posted the puzzle and then a hint, but you all seemed to think the hint was the puzzle haha. In any case I will explain the puzzle itself here.

Essentially the puzzle was set up such that each number was a combination of two numbers multiplied. The formula is as such:

Starting at the top left square let all numbers go from 1 through 9.

Now you have a grid like this:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8

Next you have to determine what you have to multiply each of these by to get the corresponding number from the original puzzle.

You are left with this grid:
3 3 5
4 4 3
5 5

The pattern is not actually mathematical, rather it is based off of the number of letters it takes to spell each number. That is to say "one" would be multiplied by the number of letters it has, 3, resulting in 3. Next "two" multiplied by the number of letters it has, 3, would result in 6. This continues until you get to the last panel. We know that it has to be "nine" multiplied by 4 (letters) so the answer is 36. My next puzzle will not be nearly as tough, sorry all!


  1. not would have never gotten that.

  2. makes sense after reading the explanation :P

  3. My head didn't nearly appreciate that. Ow...

  4. Never would have come to this conclusion...ever.