Monday, June 6, 2011

Music - A List of Awesome Songs

So I just came across a comment from a while back from this guy named Pieter thanking me for recommending The Glitch Mob to him. You should check out his blog, I recommended them based on some music he had posted. He also is an awesome writer with a really neat short story he translated about... well you should read it yourself!

In any case, I thought it was appropriate to thank him for his thanks, and I thought to myself I should share some music I enjoy and maybe people will enjoy it as well. So here is my list of songs in different categories for you to enjoy:

1. If you want to feel intense like you want to rip something apart (Great for working out) then CLICK HERE.

2. If you want to feel really chill like you are sitting at the top of the amazonian rainforest thinking intensely about some epic problem CLICK HERE.

3. If you want to feel like you are flying over the ocean dipping your hands into the water as you fly across the atlantic CLICK HERE.

4. If you want to feel like you are unstoppable and have shivers run down your spine (Make sure you watch in HD, so intense) CLICK HERE.

5. If you want a song to pump you up and make you want to do pushups (Again make sure you watch in HD, even more intense) CLICK HERE.

So anyway there are my top 5 recommendations depending on how you are feeling. Let me know which one you chose and what you thought!


  1. I liked #4 most! (I chose all! :P)

  2. #4 is really nice too, it made me want to watch transformers for some reason haha. All really good music! keep it up :)

  3. #4 was the best! though #3 isn't bad either

  4. I love this blogger!!!! dont be a stranger :)

  5. I want to dance! Need more Afrika Bambaataa!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to listen to them all!

  7. Gotta agree, 4 is too awesome. Thanks for sharing them all.