Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IQ Puzzle #6 - Very Hard

This one is a tough one. I will post a grid after this that hints at the logic behind the puzzle. Best of luck, I added more answers to make this one less luck based.

Obviously because this one is so difficult it will be a three point puzzle just like the last one. Also don't forget to check out the leaderboard, they all have their own blogs which don't make you work like this one does :)

Best of luck, and I will be leaving this one open to answers for 2 days before I reveal the answer. That should be ample time to figure it out, no?


  1. Well good news, because you exceed 26 in the problem it is not likely a letter game. I would never come up with that shiz, so continuing on the wild ass guess train B. or maybe j

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  3. 52
    column 1:(3+16)+16=35
    column 2:(6+20)+14=40
    column 3:(15+18)+12=52