Monday, June 27, 2011

Housing/Zombie Ball

So I recieved notice today that the first place my friend and I were looking at panned out! We somehow managed to beat out those rotten girls even though they wanted to rent a month ahead of us. YES! I am supremely excited because like a lot of you mentioned, finding a place to rent can be difficult. August 1st here I come!

In other news here is the first draft of the rules for Zombie Ball. Let me know if you think any changes should be made for clarity.

Zombie Ball Offical Rules

# of Players: 4 or more
Length: 30 minutes to 3 hours
Objective: Be the last player "alive".
Equipment: Ball
Playing Field: An area no larger than half a soccer field, and no smaller than a six yard box with clear boundaries on all sides. Adjust to fit the # of Players.

Beginning of the Game:

All players begin the game with 3 lives. Whenever a player has lives remaining they are deemed "alive". When all lives have been depleted the player "dies" and for the rest of the game is a mindless zombie.

Zombification and Losing Lives:

Players lose lives by having a ball hit their bodies and immediately after hit the ground with no contact made on any other players. In the case of ricochets of multiple players, the last player that was hit before the ball touched the ground loses a life. When all lives are depleted a player becomes a zombie for the player that threw the eliminating strike. Becoming someones zombie means that you are now owned by whoever killed you. Your goal from then on is to be loyal to your master and try to kill other players so they can join your zombie empire.

In the case of ricochets this would mean it would be the initial thrower who would take control of a zombie and not the player that ricocheted the ball. In the case of a zombie killing off a player, the player who owns the zombie assumes control of the new zombie. Zombies can be killed as well, however when a zombie is killed they simply transfer to be controlled by the player that hit them.

Initialization of the Throwing Procedure:

Gameplay begins by juggling the ball in the center of the group until the number of juggles reaches a count of five. Juggles may be performed using any part of the body save the hands and arms. If at any point during the count a juggle is made off of a hand or arm, the offender lets it be known and the juggle starts again. Juggles cannnot be accumulated by a single player juggling the ball multiple times. The first player to begin juggling gives one juggle to the count, to add more juggles to the count the ball must first be played off of another player. Essentially only the first touch counts, then the ball must be played to another player before more touches can be added. Another way to think of it is that a minimum of 4 passes must be made for the ball to reach a count of five. After the fifth count the ball may be grabbed with the hands and then thrown at an opposing player to eliminate their lives. If the player the ball is thrown at catches the throw, play continues as normal and the throw is considered a pass.


Players all begin on seperate teams and as such it can be difficult to eliminate other players without passing the ball during the throwing phase. Being in possesion of the ball, throwing the ball to an enemy player in the begining poses very little risk to you as if they drop the ball you have eliminated a life of theirs, and there is no penalty for them catching the ball.


There are two phases, the counting phase and the throwing phase. The counting phase consists of juggling the ball until a count of five is achieved at which point the ball may be grabbed with the hands. This initiates the throwing phase.

The throwing phase is how players lose lives and eventually turn into zombies. For a life to be lost the throw must hit a player and then the ground without anything in between. When all lives are lost, a player becomes a zombie and must mindlessly help their owner in hunting down other players.


  1. Congrats on the dwelling! And Zombie Ball looks like a lot of fun!

  2. congrats at winning your new home mate and thanks for the instructions on zombie ball, i will defo try it this summer.

  3. I'd never heard of zombie ball.

  4. wew they did a good job, seems like a fun game!

  5. Awesome! I saved the rules and hopefully I will be able to try this "game" later this week.

  6. hmm, seems like a lot of these things are based off the honor system, good luck with that!

  7. @zemzero there is nothing that is based off of the honour system. If you get hit and the ball touches the ground you lose a life. If you lose all your lives you join the team of who killed you. Even if you did not want to play for them the worst you could do is drop the ball every time in which case the owner can choose not to pass to you. It requires no self regulation at all.

  8. Id like to play zombie ball ima try it this summer see what happens ") thanks. +follow

  9. It does sound interesting, it just brought up memories when as a kid a bunch of us in the neighborhood had nerf wars. It always ended with "I didn't feel it" or "Nuh uh, you missed me by a mile".