Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gaming - Mann Co Store/TF2

So I am struck with a dilemma and need some opinions. I have recently started playing tf2 after it was released free to play. For those of you who do not know tf2 is "team fortress two" a game put out by valve that originally cost money but has been made free to play. You might say "Well how do they make money then?" The answer is quite simple hats and other items are available for purchase in the store for real money and these micro transactions fuel the addition of new content and upkeep.

So my problem is this: I feel like I should give some money back to the game as I have already played for over 10 hours for free. I would like to gain something at the same time and so have been looking at buying these keys they have to open crates for an item. The only thing is #1 a key costs $2.49, and #2 the item you get is not set, it is randomly chosen from a list and can in around 20% of cases give you the weapon you start with which in my opinion is a waste of money.

So I ask you bloggers, what should I do? Does anyone know if it is worth it to buy keys? Apparently after even one purchase your chances of finding items randomly, (what I have been doing up until now), increases. Does anyone know if it is a substantial increase? Post your opinions below!


  1. Wait, what? You get a random item after paying money for it? That's pretty lame, IMO. The game is free so I see no reason to shell out money for it. I do believe Valve has plenty of green as it is.

  2. I've had the game since it came out (almost 4 years ago I believe) and it's still one of my favorite games even though I don't play it that often at the moment.

  3. I don't waste my time with keys/crates.
    If you really want to buy something, get a preset item you already know you want.

  4. i've got to agree with snoobyy.
    it's simply not worth it.
    you might think you're supporting the developers or smth,but they already got paid.
    The game has been out forever and because nobody was buying it after 4 years [?] the logical solution is to make it free to play with an in-game store.
    a lot of MMORPGs actually do that.

    also...from what i've heard/saw you don't need to purchase anything because you'll get thge items eventually after playing it for sometime.

  5. I say don't buy anything like that. It's just random chance the last thing you want to do is gamble for in game items.

  6. Valve has been making HUGE profits on TF2 since release, and has been raking it in on everything else on Steam since 2004. While I appreciate the prospect of supporting the developers, you really shouldn't feel compelled to give them any money. It's not like you're pirating it or anything.

  7. Nah, don't buy the keys. I never buy the keys!