Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vancouver Music - Mother Mother/The New Pornographers

So I thought I would feature two awesome bands from my hometown, Mother Mother and The New Pornographers.

Both of these bands are unbelievable to me in the sense that they do not put out any songs that I dislike. I am amazed at the quality and dedication put into crafting each piece, something you don't see often in the music industry anymore.

As for The New Pornographers I am absolutely in love with their sound. They sound so fresh and so new that I can't help but have them on in the background. Seriously, listen to the song I posted. Unreal.

Both of these bands performed at Vancouver's 125th Anniversary Concert Series held at Stanley Park. It was absolutely beautiful at night and the crowd was super into all the songs. Such a great time.

Here is a link to a song by Mother Mother

Here is a link to a song by The New Pornographers

As well here are two videos I took at the Concert, you can hear how good The New Pornographers sound live and you can see the glowing balls that were designed by my University's Engineering Department:

It was really cool when they came down over top of you:

Anyway I will have another puzzle up soon, best of luck to you all and have a great day :)


  1. New Pornographers are pretty good.

  2. i have one song from the new pornographers on my phone.
    it's "challengers".
    and after a bit of research (...your wiki link-_-) i found out that i got it because of CHUCK :D

  3. The New Pornographers is an amazing band! It seems as if you had a great night