Sunday, July 17, 2011

TF2 - Screenshots, K/D Ratio

Just a super quick update from a match I played recently where I absolutely dominated. I started off as Scout, my worst class and ended up dominating so I decided to switch to my worst class, Heavy and here are the results:

 I ended up getting 20 kills in one life when I switched to Heavy, skyrocketing my K/D ratio to over 7.0!
I felt so invincible in this game and I attribute my play being so much better to a tip I heard where you turn on "dings" so that you can hear when you hit your enemys. This has improved my game durastically. Any of you have tips for TF2?


  1. Haven't played a lot of TF2, so I don't really know. I do like the HWG, though.

  2. damn it don't make me get out my steam and play this game, I am terrible on the pc

  3. installed it yesterday....
    it's fun i guess.
    i'm 'CaptainIcey'
    say hello when you see me ^^