Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TF2 - Screenshots

So I have been playing TF2 a lot lately and have been doing pretty well. I thought I would share some screenshots of my progress thus far:

Here I start off as a Demo and take an early 2.4 K/D Ratio.

 Continuing as Demo I end up with almost a 3.0 K/D Ratio (2.75 to be exact) with 14 assists.

 After playing demo for a while I switched off to Spy and managed to maintain an exact 2.0 K/D Ratio until the end of the game with 5 Dominations.

All in all I feel pretty good about my performance thus far and hope to continue learning tips and tricks to get even better.

Do any of you guys play TF2?


  1. not yet 'cause i realy dislike Steam for some reason.

  2. I did on console, but the glicthers and hackers made the game unplayable. I have it on steam, but suck something terrible at PC gaming.

  3. I play
    @ icey
    how can you dislike steam!

  4. @Shaw i cant really explain it.Maybe it's because you're forced to install it when you buy games like half life,left4dead or portal 2. I don't like to be pushed to do something ,especially when it's a software installation which only tells you that you can buy games from it which you then only posses virtually and can only play when steam is running [?].

  5. @ icey
    Well you can always make physical backups of your games with steam. I do believe steam still has to be running to play games on it, but it doesn't have to be connected to the internet or anything, so there's no restriction besides having to install steam.

  6. I have it downloaded and may wait a while to play it due to huge influx of players I hear.

  7. @icey I understand what you mean but I feel like steam is more like vlc media player. It can handle a bunch of different games (media types), it works super well, and yes you have to have it running but it does not take up much space and is non invasive. It also allows you to have an overlay of your friends list while playing which I really like.

    @badscribbler There is an influx but if you choose the right servers it is not an issue.