Saturday, July 16, 2011

IQ Puzzle #14 - Explanation

The answer to this puzzle was very close to a few of my previous puzzles. If you take each number and convert it to a letter based off of A=1, B=2 etc. you are left with this:

Where the hint about the leaderboard was referencing the current leader, Convictus. The puzzle spelled out his name in numbers rather than letters. I figured I would bring up the idea of one of you doing a guest puzzle again, is there any interest?


  1. Ah, clever. I didn't think that far.

  2. You call that easy man? :P
    Well you've got a great mind coming up with all these puzzles in any case. I always like to take the time and try to solve them.

  3. er, yeah so I forgot to check on Friday apparently. It was kind of a busy day. Yeah for the shout out though!