Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frisbee Tips - Common Mistakes

I figured I would put together a little set of tips for new Frisbee players out there. I will cover the three largest mistakes I see.

#1 Not enough spin.

A lot of people when they first start learning how to throw have discs that wobble a lot. The wobble can be avoided by providing enough spin on the disc.

Solution: Spin comes from the wrist and is a snapping motion that follows the arc of your arm. One way to practice getting enough spin on the disc is to hold your bicep against your ribs with your non-throwing hand and then try to throw. Because your arm is strapped against your body, both the force to make the throw go forward and the spin needed to keep it flat must be provided by your wrist.

#2 Too much spin/Late Release.

The too much spin problem usually comes hand in hand with a late release. As players try to put more spin on the disc they often hold on for too long and the trajectory of the disc ends up going to the right on a backhand and to the left on a forehand.

Solution: This late release can be avoided by reminding the player to always release the disc as soon as the wrist is in line with the forearm. If it is later than this, often times the disc will end up going in a direction you don't want it to.

#3 Stepping forward.

The last problem that is often seen is that people try to step forward while throwing. When you have no mark on you this is no problem, however as soon as someone is defending your throws they will be in front of you and you will have nowhere to step.

Solution: Always step outwards, from your plant you should be making a step directly in line or even backwards a little bit to allow you to throw unimpeded by your marks defense. This one is an easy fix in terms of helping the person correct it, but unfortunately can take a long time to get into muscle memory so that it is done immediately.

Those are my tips for now, also comment moderation is off thanks to the suggestion by icey.

Until next time, get out there and enjoy the weather!


  1. amazing post.
    really helpfull!

  2. Yet another thing I haven't quite done, though if I ever get invited to such a thing I'll try to remember it.

  3. nice effort on helping people with this fine hobby..
    i always put too much spin in it and it lands quickly :/

  4. yay, i finally know what i've been doing wrong for a long time!
    my discs sometimes tilted a little bit and i never knew why.I always thought that it was because of the wind or something.

  5. I was always sh*t at frisbee(ing?)
    Ha. Thanks for the tips

  6. Thanks man!
    First time in my life i EVER get frisbee tips.
    While i do need them.

  7. Sounds like a pretty cool sport to take up.

  8. @To Tipota. Throws with overspin generally go a short distance because all the energy you are generating is being put into the discs rotation rather than its forward motion.

  9. lol good to know :)

  10. i love frisbee. I'be been trying to get a game going with some friends, but no luck yet. everybody's always too busy, or times don't line up right during the day.